Luke Belmar with friend

Luke Belmar is an internet personality, investor, and entrepreneur who was born in Argentina and moved to the USA at the age of 16. His initial years in the US were challenging, forcing him to work odd jobs and even attempt door-to-door sales. He eventually enrolled at a university but dropped out to work a traditional job, which he quit soon after​.

From a young age, he demonstrated the qualities of a budding entrepreneur: a creative thinker, a self-motivated individual, and someone with a positive attitude. These traits are the building blocks of successful entrepreneurship, and Belmar embodies them to the fullest​.

Belmar started his career in digital advertising in 2016 by running Facebook ads for various marketing agencies. He then ventured into e-commerce, building multiple 8-figure dropshipping businesses in general niches. After achieving success in e-commerce, he left the dropshipping business and invested all his money in crypto assets and NFTs in 2020, right before the crypto bubble began​.

Now Luke Belmar runs a community called Capital Club, which is the largest decentralized entrepreneurial network that focuses on building, multiplying, and preserving wealth. He is also involved in private equity. His estimated net worth is $10 million, although the exact figure is not known. He made his fortune from digital advertising, e-commerce, dropshipping, and investing in crypto and NFTs​.

This staggering success did not come easy; it is the result of Belmar’s unwavering focus and determination, a clear demonstration that dreams do turn into reality when pursued with vigor and resilience.